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Posted on December 19th, by Sarah in Recipes. 10 comments

Warm Balsamic Popcorn

Chef Steve Schimoler shares a recipe for Crop’s very own Warm Balsamic Popcorn appetizer…

3 cups Freshly Popped Plain Popcorn
½ cup Thinly Sliced Red and Green Pepper and Red Onion
Pinch of Salt and Pepper
2 TBS Fresh Basil
¼ cup Fresh Arugula
2 TBS Sun Dried Tomatoes
1 TBS Vegetable Oil
3 TBS Balsamic Vinaigrette
¼ cup Shredded Asiago Cheese
Balsamic Vinaigrette
1 cup Olive Oil
1/3 cup Balsamic Vinegar
3 TBS Dijon Mustard
1 TBS Fresh Basil (finely minced)
½ tsp Salt
½ tsp Pepper

Vinaigrette instructions:
Combine the oil, balsamic, dijon, basil, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl. Using a wisk, vigorously mix until the dressing is completely blended and deep mahogany in color.  Set aside in clean container or refrigerate until needed.

Popcorn Instructions:
Prepare balsamic vinaigrette and pop the popcorn (may be stored in an air tight container for a few hours).  In a 14 inch sauté pan, heat oil until it begins to smoke.  Add pepper and onion mixture, sun-dried tomatoes and salt and pepper, sauté for 20 seconds.  Add vinaigrette to pan.  Immediately add arugula and popcorn to the pan.  Remove from heat.  Toss in pan until well mixed.  Pour into large bowl and garnish with roughly chopped basil and asiago cheese.  Drizzle with reduced balsamic syrup (optional).
Think superfast stir fry.  Do not keep popcorn on the heat…it gets soggy.

10 thoughts on “Featured Recipe

  1. I can vouch for the deliciousness of this appetizer! Not sure I am up for the challenge of trying the recipe myself but I would return to Cleveland just for this popcorn! I am a fan.

  2. I loved watching the making of Crop Bistro and Bar and will be joining you for lunch soon. Chef Steve could you help me make Lobster mac and cheese for my 10th anniversary? I would love to surprise my husband with this in March. Thank you and looking forward to a wonderful meal at the Crop Bistro and Bar.

  3. Thanks for sharing the recipe chef. Really a nice touch. I plan on trying and coming to your restaurant in March. My son is coming in from Singapore and they have such wonderful restaurants there. You have been highly recommended.

    One question. I am also bringing another son who is very picky so I’m sure the steak will be good but do you have just a plain baked potato and plain salad for someone like this. There will be 7 of us, only 1 picky eater.

  4. Steve Schimoler’s very own Warm Balsamic Popcorn appetizer is to die for. Ever since my wife and I tried this for the first time last year, we can’t resist having it whenever we dine at CROP BISTRO. We are going to take a crack at trying this recipe at home to see if we can even come close to replicating it. This is but one of the jewels awaiting you at CROP BISTRO. If you haven’t had the chance to dine there, book soon.
    Shamus Hurley
    CEO – Kinetico Incorporated

  5. Crop Bistro was our third restaurant of the week and my five guests, all out-of-towners, were impressed for the third night in a row with how good the food can be in Cleveland, if you pick the right place.

    Among us, we shared eggs, calamari, cheese and cherry bombs and selected ribeye, 3 short ribs (my Charlotte NC associate liked the grits instead of the Fondue Mac) lamb shank, and salmon.

    Crop was the right place. Thanks.

  6. Returning back to Crop with my wife and friends! Cannot wait to get the popcorn! Amazing!

  7. ?–three cups of unpopped kernels, or three cups of popped corn. Three cups of pooped corn seems like not enough for all of the other ingredients, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks.

  8. Loved this as an appetizer at Crop. We weren’t sure if we should use a fork or just eat it like regular popcorn. It’s awesome that you put the recipe on line, thanks!

  9. This sounds great–I’ll try the popper corn recipe–AND–I’d love the lobster mac & cheese recipe. I grew up in Cleveland Heights, but now in Bloomsburg PA–so I have virtually no chance to dine with you unless visiting. BTW–Mike the chef at Le Jeune Chef (Williamsport, PA) sends his greetings–recommends your bistro highly!! I hope you’ll consider sharing your lobster Mac & cheese recipe!! Thank you …… Wendy M

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