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In Cleveland, the '20s were really roarin'!

World War I had ended in victory. The city's economy was thriving. Jobs were so plentiful that workers flocked to the city from all over the U.S., even overseas.

Cleveland became America's second most wealthy and fifth largest city. Musicians migrated from New Orleans. The Cleveland Indians won the World Series. Sure, there was Prohibition, but who cared? Bootleggers smuggled spirits in from Canada.

There was nothing we couldn't do! We modernized our city government and built an airport. Commerce was prolific leading to the designation of a Federal Reserve Bank downtown. No doubt, Cleveland was on a roll.

It was during these historically thrilling times that nationally renowned architects Frank R. Walker and Harry E. Weeks introduced their signature academic neoclassical architecture called Beaus-Arts inspiring the design of Severance Hall (home of the internationally renowned Cleveland Orchestra), the Cleveland Public Library and the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.  

They then boldly designed a nine-story building in 1923 called the United Bank Building, once the largest building on the west side of Cleveland it is now home to Crop Bistro & Bar and several unique event venues filled with history and whimsey. 

The Main Dining Room | The Shop | The Executive Dining Room | The Vault | The Skylight Penthouse

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